NHyphenator – .NET library for multi-language soft hyphenation

Let's talk about NHyphenator – a .NET library for automated text hyphenation.

What is a soft hyphen?

If you want to improve the look of your web articles, probably you should need to add hyphenation. However, web-browsers, unlike the Word or the Open Office, don't know how to add hyphens to your texts, unless you help them.

For hyphenate text in the browser, you need to add a special symbol to all positions where a hyphen is possible. This symbol is the soft hyphen, in HTML you can add it as ­ (soft hyphen). After this, web-browser or other renderer will be able to wrap your text both by spaces and by soft hyphens. If it is wrap by soft hyphen, browser will render a real hyphen symbol, but in other cases, when word don't need wrap, browser don't render anything and you will see whole word without spaces and hyphens....

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